End Times

The end of times is not the total destruction of all humans and the world. The end of times is a transition from the times of evil and injustice to the establishment of the divine kingdom of God on Earth through those who survive the evil times, just as Noah and others survived into the beginning of this age, which may be called a... a "new world" or "new millennium" or "new age" .

Just like the Ark 'of Noah', the fundamental instruction to be obeyed (by the faithful of all religions) is to redeem the time in prayers as revealed above.

Those who reject this instruction of God have made themselves unbelievers of this age and they shall not escape the destructions in the world. And of a truth, evil manifestation will increase and multiply but this is the best way to remain SAFE and SECURE wherever we are.

This is God's mercy. Do not forsake it becuase its looks too simple. So also the instruction of the Ark of Noah was so simply and neglected by many people who perished.

The plan of God against the end-time crises for the salvation, deliverance, restoration and emancipation of humanity and the world is the Time Redemption Prayer in line with the Human and Time Innovation Power System.