Invisible Ark of God

Redeeming the time is the only way to be secured and escape from all the ongoing calamites in the world, seen or unseen.

In other words, it is the ‘invisible’ ark of God.

Needless to say there shall be great manifestations of evil because of the high level of human degeneration, lawlessness and corruption of the minds.

Only those who are REDEEMING THE TIME in effective fervent prayers shall escape all the manifestations of evil and possess the world in the newness of life just like Noah and few others who used the Ark against the Great Flood that lasted for at least one year.

Personally you should redeem the time in prayers for at least nine months irrespective of where you are or religious inclination. If you redeem the time, you will witness the glory of God wherever you are in the world and you shall possess the new world (a time of peaceful prosperity), like Noah and others.